Earlier this January, Capcom made an official announcement that Resident Evil 7: Biohazard Beginning Hour demo has been updated with several new areas to explore and experience the fear. This updated demo has been named as “The Twilight Version.”redident-evil-biohazard

All new RE Engines have been developed for this game, which brings a dramatic series of shifts in the first-person point of view. Initially, with the use of this engine, photorealistic results can be produced and a number of display objects of various textures can also be obtained. Resident Evil 7 is just the stepping stone towards creating more photorealistic games in the world of Virtual Reality (VR).

Resident Evil community manager, Morgane Toulemonde, explains on the PlayStation Blog:

“Now is your chance to investigate on your own if you haven’t had the chance to before, as both newcomers and veterans of Beginning Hour will be able to see what’s changed in the run-down rooms and decrepit corridors.”

Resident Evil 7 is all about- a house full of questions, with tough hints that lead the gamer on a hunt for solutions which may or may not even exist. The fully paranoid and conspiracy-driven game’s only objective is –“get out of the house”-and it is the dedication, commitment, and enthusiasm for the game that draws you towards playing it.

In this Twilight Version, we are introduced to the Baker’s family for the first time, sitting on their dining table with worms on their plates, quarrelling and slaughtering each other. Previously, in July Capcom had announced that the Dummy Finger was yet to find any use, but after the watching this demo update you can probably find its use. The demo version has deepened the mystery even further to be solved.

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard is available for pre-order on PS4 until 23rd January 2017. There will be several pre-order bonuses such as the Survival Pack consisting consumable healing items, a lucky coin and an early unlock of the ‘Madhouse Mode’ difficulty level as well as you will get a special Resident Evil 7 Dynamic Theme.

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard is fully compatible with PS4, PC, Xbox One, PSVR, and PS4 PRO (available from November 11) and it will be released on January 24, 2017. So, gaming freaks get ready for the best possible gaming experience with crispy 4K resolution and the enhanced brightness capabilities in PS4 PRO and experience the real fear and horror of the full game in a 360-degree virtual reality environment.

Watch a couple of previously released VR gameplay trailers, including a PlayStation VR demo: