Unfortunately, the much hyped “7” versions of two smartphone giants: Apple and Samsung have faced some wide criticism. Owing to the failure of these anticipated phones, Lenovo’s smartphone acquisition Motorola has seriously lured a lot of Apple and Samsung loyalists.Lenovo

Samsung Galaxy Note 7’s nightmare of battery explosion has rendered the company almost helpless. The mishappening with this powerful phone has been so devastating that within days of its launch, the phone was banned by the U.S.. Samsung is now in the long, painful process of the replacing the phones and hence, is unable to focus on anything else.

On the other hand, the iPhone 7 has been mocked and strongly criticized for several reasons such as absence of the headphone jack and lacks several highly anticipated features. To state bluntly, the iPhone 7 is just a new processor and a new camera, everything else is not what people need.

Earlier, post the launch of Apple iPhones, Samsung used to take a lot of potshots and jibes on it. Interestingly, Samsung is out of the game as it is busy with managing the Galaxy Note debacle.

But guess who has grabbed the spotlight now! It is none other than the new age smartphone maker, Lenovo.

Motorola, Lenovo’s another smartphone division has created an amazing ad for their latest phone which competes with the latest iPhone 7 and Samsung Note 7.  A hashtag campaign with name “Skip the Sevens” has been floated by the company. A video released under this, details interaction with the die hard Apple fans who have been plainly disappointed with the new iPhone 7.

These fans are given demonstrations of the Moto Z and its interchangeable multi-functional back panels, Moto Mods. Initially, the host introduces the phone and the mods as the new prototype of the upcoming iPhone.

The host doesn’t give any hardware information about the phone and directly jumps to the application of the Moto Mods. As much as three Mods are demonstrated which work as battery bank, projector and speakers for the phone. All the iPhone loyalists get astonished and impressed by the new concept right away and it is then that the truth is revealed to them. Post completion of this small film, you can see the hashtag line being shown, which is then succeeded by Lenovo’s “Different is Better” campaign.

This advertisement obviously has received a huge reaction from all over the world. There are more Moto Mods such as a zoom lens, which still hasn’t been advertised on such scale but would eventually catch the limelight.

Lenovo Skip the Sevens With Moto Z family Infographic

Apart from the Mods, even the phone, Moto Z, has three different hardware configuration to suit the user need and budget.

Moto Z Droid and the Moto Mods are based on the much awaited idea of hardware customization and its has given numerous innovative ideas to the users. Giving rise to a huge challenge, this smartphone division from Lenovo has set itself up against two mammoth smartphone makers. Apple and Samsung would not be calm after this campaign and might have already started working out on a suitable reply to the Droid.

There is a long way to go for these phones, which would obviously be accompanied by detailed reviews, benchmarks, repairs, insights, etc. But for now, we can enjoy this new rivalry popping up.

Has Lenovo’s Moto Wave already swept you or there is more to be proven?