Truth be told, MacBooks never gained the status of gaming computers. Apple never wanted to put the MacBooks as ultimate gaming solutions and hence, even though the machines now boast of SSD and powerful RAMs, they never publicized high end gaming. An applicative flaw often mocked upon, finally seems to get a solution, presenting the Wolfe.the Wolfe for MacBook

A Kickstarter project, Wolfe is a GPU that plugs into the MacBook to give a high end graphic experience to its user. Let’s dig in to get more information about this gadget.

What is a GPU?

Graphics Processing Unit or a GPU is a circuit that combines with the CPU to provide an enhanced visual experience. From gaming to top class imaging and designing, the GPU does the task for the user. It has hundreds of cores that can carry out multi million processes in seconds.GPU Wolfe

The Wolfe is the brainchild of the trio of Dino Rodriguez, Christian Ondaatje and Chase Davis. All three have been devoted to science and technology since their childhood and are brilliant minds. This gadget has been a result of one of the needs they feel laptops should fulfil, so that desktop computers become obsolete.

GPUs have been an integral part of the internal system, but now Wolfe markets GPU as a peripheral. Powered by a 220 watt power supply unit, Wolfe claims to enhance graphics to as much as 10 times of what the laptop originally offers. It is based on the NVIDIA GTX GPU’s and features 950, 970 and have recently inducted GTX 1060 in their fleet.

How Wolfe Power Charges the MacBook?

The gadget attaches to the MacBook via a Thunderbolt 2 port. All the graphic oriented data are sent to the Wolfe by the CPU before it is sent for display. It, then processes the data, puts it to the highest graphic quality possible and then sends it to the display. The gadget is adaptable to almost all the MacBooks that come with a Thunderbolt port, meaning that even a 2011 model would be able to support it. The installation is also simple as all you need is to connect the Wolfe to main power supply, plug it on the MacBook, install its driver and voila!! Play games, enjoy virtual reality experience and get involved in high end graphical design, Wolfe will take care of all.

The makers claim that Wolfe will remove every boundary that demarcates conventional laptops, especially MacBook,  from a fully fledged gaming computer. The gadget can be easily carried in a bag and you can even

The Wolfe can also be attached to a Windows laptop, provided that it has a Thunderbolt port.

Its Kickstarter campaign has been globally acclaimed and has achieved over 600% funding. No word from Apple has been heard over the gadget yet. If it gets Apple certified, the sales figures would go whopping high. The comment section is also filled with a lot of curious technocrats and their queries which the makers are more than happy to answer.

This gadget ships from March next year and there would be more changes to its design and working before it hits the end consumer, us.

Check out their KickStarter video and get ready to be amazed by the engineering and hard work they have put into.