Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer has finally released. The game has been released on PC, PS4 and Xbox One respectively.PES 17Last year the franchise took a big step forward through PES 16, which was a great success. The gameplay features and the demo versions were well received by the fans. Let’s review and discuss about the game.


PES 17’s gameplay has been more improved than PES 16. It seems like a real football game with realistic physics of the ball. The Real Touch feature is really great. Every player has its own unique abilities such as Aubamayang’s blistering pace, Griezmann’s ball control and Pogba’s physicality. The passing and build up is great. Every long ranger or volley looks crisp and clear. Defending AI has been improved. The defenders do mark really well. The major change has been the Goalkeeping. Goalkeepers are improved much and they pull up some awesome saves. There is the probability of an odd mistake from the goalkeeper to make it more realistic. Now there is even more flexibility in terms of tactics. You can play different types of styles such as Tiki-Taka, gen-pressing, parking the bus etc.

Career Mode is now made more dynamic. Negotiations, transfer deadline day has been made more realistic.


PES 17 is also powered by the Fox Engine. The next-gen graphics looks stunning. Players’ faces look real. New Animations have been added. If you score a goal from Neymar, then he will remove his shirt, although the referee will give him a yellow for that. The stadiums look really nice. It is a shame that the PS4 and Xbox one graphics are much better than PC versions. Like last year, the PC port is poor and it can affect the sales of its PC version.


It is a field where the game is still struggling. The commentaries are repeated, the crowd reactions and the atmosphere still need a lot of improvement. Referees are disappointing, as they give yellow cards for light challenges as well. As far as licensing issues are concerned, the developers are providing PS4 and PC users an option file, through which they can customize the non-licensed teams and leagues.

Online Play-

My Club mode, which is the PES version of Ultimate Team has also undergone some minor changes. You can add retired legends to your team as well. There are UI improvements and ability to sign specialist scouts. Online matches run smoothly without any noticeable lag.


9.2/10- This is a gem of a game. The gameplay is great and it is very addictive. Each touch and each pass makes the game feel so crisp and real.  It is truly the greatest football game ever made and now let’s sees how FIFA 17 turns out to be.