Partnership is already successful of Nexon with Respawn Entertainment and Particle City to publish Titanfall. In Titanfall universe a frontline strategy card game is the target.


iOS and Android will also be focussing on this new mobile game later. This debut game will be getting some promotion with the Titanfall 2 console and PC title. This will get debut on October 28. In this game, players will assume the role of brigade commanders and will be facing of each other in real-time. This will behead to head combat.

The brand is also in lift along with heavy-duty cred with hard-core gamers. It’s no more surprise that Nexon is publishing it. Nexon’s publications include game titles such as Dominations, and it is working with key developers and other big titles as well.

There will be a good tie as knot of console and PC game, where burn cards will be a big part of experience.

Frontline is the first title in the multi game, multi-year partnership between Nexon, Particle city and Respawn entertainment. This game will be available as a free download on the App store for iPhone and iPad and on Google paly store for Android devices.

Unique decks will also be built along with up gradation of units in-game. For the team of Respawn this is the most exciting time with the launch of two completely different games n the titan fall universe launching soon. Titanfall 2 and titan fall frontline are the two launching games. So, ready to download?

So, what are you waiting for? The realeasing dates? Take a deep breath and enjoy the game after its release. Else hear the reviews and dig your head in hoel for not downloading it early.