Apple Watch Series 2 is a new generation smartwatch which consists of a second generation display that is twice as bright as Apple Watch Series 1. In this series, Apple has added a lot of new innovations and also modified some the existing features of Series 1

Apple Watch Series 2 has Built-in GPS and Heart Rate Sensor which enable you to leave your iPhone at home while you are running, or riding- it automatically measures the distance and your workout accuracy.

The Watch Series 2 is fully water resistant (50 meters) and you can even swim, surf or splash wearing it. In addition to this, it has the brightest display Apple has ever manufactured. You will be able to see the time and other schedules irrespective of how much the sun glares.

Calls and messages can be easily managed by tapping once on the screen. It also enables you to access your favorite app at any instant of time using Siri. This gadget is specifically designed to get things done quickly and conveniently right from your wrist without much effort.

Other features such as Breathe App, Third-Party Health Apps, App Doc, Activity Rings and Achievements makes this gadget even smarter and more brilliant.

Apple Watch Series 2 will be available in the stores from 16th September 2016. The price of Series 2 starts from the range of $369 and pre-orders have already been started from 9th September 2016.

The question is which device you want to open and play with first Рyour new smartphone or your new digital timepiece which is nothing less than a smartphone or maybe both. Designer   Series 2 watches are also available in collaboration with Nike+ and HERMES.