There is no doubt that even though it made a lot of wonderful clean games, Nintendo had been struggling to get the share that it deserves in the gaming market. The year 2016, has however been quite a news making year for Japanese consumer electronics and software company.nintendo

We have witnessed a global craze, hype and series of chain reactions over the amazingly innovative Pokemon Go (which was developed by Niantic, a subsidiary of Nintendo), and its real life exploration based gameplay. This has been in years that Nintendo has impressed not only its usual fans, but also it also attracted a lot of new users into the world of augmented reality.

Now Nintendo has put its card on these two big launches:

  1. Release of the NES Classic
  2. Super Mario Run arrives to the iPhone and iPad

Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) Classic

NES Classic or Nintendo Classic Mini is a plug and play gaming console. It goes on sale from Black Friday i.e. November 2016 and is already making quite happy news for gamers all over.

The gaming gadget looks like a miniature version of the 80’s legendary NES console, that comes with 30 inbuilt retro games. These age old games cover almost all the 8-bit graphic wonders, and include exciting games such as Balloon Fight, Dr. Mario, Ghosts n Goblins and others.NES Classic

From the technological point of view, this is not a new groundbreaking gadget from Nintendo. The company is trying hard to sustain a place in the market and at $59.99, giving an HD version of some highly popular games doesn’t seem like a bad deal.

NES Classic makes it evident that Nintendo, though striving to match with the current hardware development, wants to make much out of its software: new as well as old.

The Super Mario Runs to iOS

Shigeru Miyamoto, the brain behind the game, made his charismatic presence felt at the 7th September Apple Event when he air gestured the hamburger to demonstrate how easy to play Super Mario Run is.Super Mario Run

Almost a show stopper at the Apple event, Super Mario Run is scheduled for a holiday season release on the iPhone and iPad. Playable via just one hand, this game has three modes:

  1. Level wise challenges to complete and collect coins.
  2. Toad Rally: Compete with other players for better scores
  3. Explore creation of your own kingdom via coins that you collect during the course of the game.

Super Mario Run is an auto runner game and we have a few smartphone legends like Temple Run, Subway Surfer, and Rail Rush that are also based on the same technique. However, the presence of the globally known Italian plumber would definitely give a different feel to the game.

Arguably, this is probably the best way Mario could have made its debut. Simple to play, smooth to connect and being a Nintendo, it would definitely be exciting as ever.

Super Mario Run might be the last gaming app that Nintendo  releases this year. The auto runner would hit the Android App Store sometime in 2017, soon after it hits the Apple App Store.

These releases are a clear indication that Nintendo is playing wise in its consumer centric approach. It is not wasting time in making tough and high end gaming-gadgets, but is improving the user experience on the already powerful smart phones that can even beat computer in terms of config and speed.

We can expect a lot more exciting news from the company in the forthcoming years, which again would reap maximum benefit from the competing and evolving smart phone market.


  1. “These age old games cover almost all the 8-bit graphic wonders”
    713 licensed titles 171 non licensed titles for the regular nes reaching a grand total of 884 titles. How exactly does 30 games covers almost all? Not to mention you can’t put actual nes cartridges in it and Nintendo confirmed it will not connect to the Internet and there will be no additional games made available for it. This is a waste of money and another example that Nintendo doesn’t really know what fans want. They just make gimmicky things.Go download an emulator and play them all for free is my advice.

    • Yes, the gadget is not compatible with NES cartridges. No, it is not a gimmicky gadget. Nintendo’s intention with this gadget is not to give a buffet of all the NES titles, but to take the player back to the retro era. Plus, it also to keep the prices low.
      I wonder whether emulators are solution to every game.