At the launch event of Apple’s iPhone 7 on Wednesday, the company has decided to introduce a new gadget called AirPods. The main reason behind this decision was the controversial removal of the headphone jack in iPhone 7 which sparked more curiosity about the company’s next

Now the question arises what are AirPods? AirPods are Apple’s new wireless earbuds which can be connected to your iPhone via Bluetooth. This promotion of the AirPods was the part of Apple’s justification behind the decision to kill the headphone jack in iPhone 7.

The AirPods have a micro processing chip inside it known as the W1 (brains of the AirPods) which helps it to function a lot more exclusive than a normal wireless headphone. All you need to do is flip open the case, keeping it close to your iPhone and a pop-up window will ask you to pair AirPods to your iPhone. Further, the W1 chips help AirPods detect when they are in your ear so that they do not start playing the music until you plug them into your ear.

Advantages of the W1 chip:

  • W1 chip makes the pairing of your iPhone easier than ever.
  • Results in the prompt functioning of the device.
  • Better management of power while in use giving a longer battery life.
  • W1 also manages a unique connection for each AirPods.

Although, it is not necessary to purchase AirPods because the iPhone 7 will also work with its wired headphones that can be plugged into the Lightning port or any other pair of Bluetooth wireless headphones but AirPods will give us a whole new experience.

Apparently, AirPods will be available in the market from October but there are no solid release dates yet. Apple should officially announce it within a period of few weeks.

The price of AirPods:

You can easily purchase the AirPods from the stores and even online, worth $159 after it is officially launched.

In spite of few minor flaws in the product- such as there is no easy way to control volume and switch between tracks in the music player – we all are eager to use this product with its exciting new features. So guys, let’s wait and watch how fair it does in the market.