There is no doubt of the fact that the Tesla Model S is one of the best all electric cars in its class. The Tesla Model S has all the features and the luxuries that are required for any car to be called a luxury sedan. More importantly, all of this just comes at a price for £47,000.

5 Reasons to buy Tesla Model S NowJust like most of the other luxury sedans, the Tesla Model S can easily accommodate 5 people. The added factor is the speed. The all electric luxury sedan can pick up the speed of 0 to 60 miles per hour in just 2.8 seconds. In addition, it can go many a miles before actually needing another refill of charge than most of the other luxury sedans, All of this do certainly make the Tesla Model S a very tempting proposition. But in spite of all of this let us take a look at 5 specific reasons for which you should buy the Tesla Model S now.

Reasons to buy Tesla Model S now

Plenty of features

There is a lot that the all electric luxury sedan has to offer. The features start from keyless entry into the car to satellite navigation. The all electric luxury sedan also offers features like parking sensors, automatic braking in case of an emergency, a warning on exiting the lane, etc.

Free Charging

Most of the electric car owners will have to pay in order to get their cars charged. But owners of the Tesla Model S, will be able to charge their cars for free with the free charging network provided by Tesla Motors themselves. Believe me, this is huge bonus that you will get for buying this all electric luxury sedan.

Autopilot mode

Although the car is not completely built for self driving, but it provides semi autonomous software that will allow you to maintain a safe distance with the car in front of you. Will this is a great feature that you would certainly like, if you don’t want to be a part of a car crash.

Spacious insides

Well, this is something that most car owners complain about. But gladly with the all electric luxury sedan, you will not have to worry about space. You can easily spread your legs and relax unless you are driving.

No Emissions whatsoever

Lastly, but most importantly, the all electric luxury sedan does not give out poisonous gasses. There is no emission of CO2, CO or any sulfur oxides, thus in turn helping your environment.