For the experienced gamers, the name ‘Interplay’ might send a tiny prickling sensation of excitement up and down their body. Those days when the era of gaming had started, Interplay was solely responsible for some of the biggest, and most favourite, titles around. Interplay had enjoyed a series of hits likes Earthworm Jim, Claymation beat-‘em-up Clayfighter, 360-degree vomit, and some violent games like Kingpin and Messiah.

But the bad news is Interplay has officially announced that it will sell all its libraries of video game assets and its intellectual properties are also up for sale.

Eric Caen, the president of Interplay, said that-“With the accretion of mobile, augmented reality, virtual reality and other new sources of consumption, we believe that the customers are ready to experience and interact with Interplay’s characters, stories, titles, and gameplay in ways which were never possible before.”
In the last few year, Interplay is being characterised more as a licensing house than a game developer so this sale does not come as a surprise.

Previously in 2007, Interplay also sold the Fallout franchise to Bethesdato stave off bankruptcy.

The sales comprise the rights to around 70 Interplay titles, and most of its characters like Earthworm Jim and Max, the four-legged dog from MDK, but sadly it excludes the rights for the game it had already sold i.e. Fallout franchise. Veteran gamers must be delighted after these classics IPs arouse from a state of quiescence over the period of years. Apparently, if players start off with a brand new Lost Vikings game though that would be a great treat for the gamers.

So, guys stay updated as we all look forward seeing how this unique portfolio of interactive entertainment icons will transform for the worldwide gamers.