Xbox One S and PlayStation 4 neo were launched very recently. These are the latest upgrades given to this generation’s gaming consoles. These devices are faster, meaner and a step up from their predecessors. The modern day games are simply stunning too. Ask anyone who has played Uncharted 4 or Halo and they’ll tell you how awesome those games are.consolesSo with all this said and done, the modern day games and consoles also have a fair share of problems. Some of these have been carried on from one generation to the next. So here is a look at some of the biggest problems plaguing modern day gaming.


Yes, the consoles are faster and more powerful than ever. However, they are more fragile than ever too. Go back a decade or two and see the robust machines made back then. My Nintendo N64 works perfectly to this day. Yes, they are child’s toys compared to modern day consoles, however, they could withstand a natural disaster with ease. It is totally  accepted that the modern day chips are more fragile but, the casing being fragile too is simply not acceptable. A simple tumble down often ends up breaking a 400$ console. The least the developers can do is give it a rugged casing and improve the suspension within. If it continues like this then pretty soon glass will be stronger compared to them.


Another major issue is the shipping of broken consoles. As per Sony, 0.4% of the PlayStation 4 that it shipped were broken. When you look at it in terms of percentages, it is quite less. However, when you realize that about 50 million PlaStation 4 were sold, the number comes out to be a staggering 200,000 broken consoles. Add to this the “Blue Light of Death” and you can see that a fair share of the devices are broken. The Xbox doesn’t fare much better as it too is known for giving out a similar error, the Red Ring of Death”. Even people who review such devices are getting broken consoles from the producers. The most prominent example of this IGN getting a PlayStation from Sony that was simply broken while another couldn’t play Blu-Ray discs. People have started referring to them as 400$ bricks.

This shoddy state of affairs is simply unacceptable given the amount of money and the technology that the developers have at hand. Delay the launch by a few months, but at least deliver a 100% working machine. At times like these, PC gamers must be feeling really pleased with themselves.


Back in the day, consoles were launched with some launch titles. Today, this practice has gone completely extinct. Earlier, consoles like the Xbox 360, PS2, Nintendo Wii were launched with stellar games like Halo, Time Splitters Zalda- Twilight Princess respectively. Earlier, you got a complete package, whereas nowadays you buy a console and then sit idle, waiting for a great exclusive to be launched. It ultimately reduces the console from a device meant for gaming to a net browsing device. I don’t think any of the developers want this. If you are spending years developing a console, then the least you can do is spend some amount of time in developing a launch title to go along with it at its release. We really need this old practice back.


The bane of modern day gaming. This is what downloadable content or DLC is. Earlier you had to beat the game to unlock special content. Now, however, all you need to do is buy it at Steam. It is really annoying when you have already shelled out 50$ for a game but, you have to pay another 30$ or so to play the additional content. It is simply not fair. Not only does this take away your motivation to complete the game, but it is just blatant ripping off. A consumer who is paying 50$ for a game deserves to have all of it instead of having about 70% of it.

The concept of DLC is simply not justified when taken in this context. A prime example of this is the “Burial at Sea” DLC of BioShock Infinite. The DLC provided an extension of the game itself. Things like this are not cool.


These are the biggest problems for me with regards to modern day gaming consoles. If the developers address even half of these issues, I would be a really happy man. Sometimes, you do need to learn from the past.

So these are the biggest issues as per me. Are you satisfied with them? What are the biggest issues as per you? Do let us know in the comments section below.