PlayStation VR, just requires a PS4 and not an expensive PC with high graphical features. Moreover, it costs less than the competitions, and will be much more alluring to the budget conscious gaming freaks. It can also be connected in living rooms –far from social spaces and especially, home

It is quite clear that the future of Virtual Reality (VR) is very bright. Sony’s PlayStation VR will be launched with a demo disc containing 8 games has led an overwhelming introduction to the gaming market. Including the demo disc is a smart move on Sony’s part as it will give gamers just enough of an experience of VR and a reason to want more- presuming players enjoy what they try in the demo version.

Giving a skeptical viewpoint of PlayStation VR, it’s not that it isn’t fun, but because it’s simply not engaging enough to justify all the drawbacks of PSVR, such as wearing the uncomfortable headset. It seems like it will be 2017 or even 2018 when the technology gathers further momentum.

It was known to us that PlayStation VR will be released in October, but now we know exactly when: Yes guys, it’s October 13, 2016 (in North America). The VR headset will cost $400, but that’s excluding the price of PlayStation camera, which is worth $60, or Move controller (DualShock – its motion is tracked via its lightbar if you are having a PS4 camera). Along with this 8 demo games in PSVR Sony has promised that 50 more games will be supported by the system at the end of the year.

So, guys stay tuned for more updates about PlayStation VR with the demo disc containing 8 games as we all know that Virtual Reality (VR) is at its epitome and most charming when playing with friends, after all watching them freak out in VR is as much fun as playing and experiencing the games ourselves