In this epoch of tools and technology, it is must for every hard and soft tech brand to keep their services and products up-to-date and to develop new technologies for the world to stay strong in the market. Keeping the matter in the sense, a globally spread American tech brand Intel Corporation has announced to buy Movidius- specialize in developing low-power processor chips for computer vision. intel-movidius-integration

Intel, the developer of the x86 series of the microprocessors which is the part of the superlative number of personal computers, has announced yesterday that it will buy Movidius. The major focus of Intel’s latest move is to raise the computer vision and cognitive computing in its devices and especially for its RealSense Cameras.

Since 2005 Movidius is creating System of Chips (SoCs) which require low power and give high-performance while processing. This quality of the chips attracted the leading tech tools developers like Lenovo, DJI, thermal imaging company FLIR System which itself is a supplier of the DJI. Movidius is working on the Google’s Project Tango after declaring its association with Google in January, 2016. Movidius chips have been used in technologies like drones, security cameras, virtual reality systems and many other devices. It is suspected that this move of Intel would not affect the existing relationship of Movidius with others.

The two most delivered products from Movidius includes- Myriad 2 and Fathom. The former chip is an always-on manycore Vision processing unit that can function on power constrained devices and the latter is a USB rod equipped a Myriad 2 processor permitting a vision lifter to easily connect devices using ARM processor.

Josh Walden, senior vice president of Intel’s new technology group announced, ” with Movidius, Intel gains low-power, high-performance SoC platforms for accelerating computer vision applications. We see massive potential for Movidius to accelerate our initiatives in new and emerging technologies.”

No details of the Intel-Movidius partnership have been disclosed by now, but the legal formalities would be done by the end of this year.