superhot game review
Love first-person shooters? Superhot, the latest shooter game will win you right away. It has no plot, no story line to follow – just shooting red guys that come running at you. Sounds cool and you want to know more about Superhot shooting game, don’t you?


Interested guys can even play the prototype of the game. But let us unravel more about it first.The white and grey rooms and no music makes the shooter game feel more ruthless as the red guys try to shoot you in an office like setting. Superhot gets hotter in these 20 levels and has minimal graphics. All you see is the red villain guys and your black gun.

Things get pretty interesting when you move because Superhot stays frozen when it comes to time. Time moves when you move and things move along with you. Isn’t that the most innovative first-person shooter you have played. Yes, PC World agrees with us on that.

Superhot shootings reminds you of classic gangster movies and drug settings – with glimpse of what future of gaming and apps is. Go play and have a SUPER HOT, SUPER HOT time.
Here is a link to play: Superhot First-person Shooter

For more amazing moments play now and let us know. Also the app will not play on Google Chrome so beware 😛

UPDATE: Superhot is launching on Xbox One platform in March 2016.