It has been three months since Activision released the Call of Duty: Infinity warfare trailer. Since then, it has garnered 3 million dislikes. The number is simply staggering. It has more dislikes than Justin Beiber’s Baby and Hitler’s speeches. So why is it getting this much hate? Well, simply put because Activision is screwing up big time.Activision

The last good game in the Call of Duty franchise was Black Ops. It has been a downward spiral ever since then. With each passing game, the franchise is becoming more and more absurd. The Infinite Warfare trailer shows that the franchise has reached its lowest point yet. So let us all have a look at how Activision has contributed to Call of Duty’s fall from grace.


For some unfathomable reason, Activision has decided to junk the military shooter tag. With each passing game, they take us more into the future. This is making it look more like a Sci-Fi FPS game instead of a military shooter. This apart, the elements of Sci-Fi are absolutely absurd. Advanced Warfare felt more like a Power Rangers game than a Call of Duty game. All that game lacked was Mega Zords.


It seems that Activision has run out of creative team to make new engines. All the games that have come out of Activision’s stable in the recent past seem jaded and recycled. While EA is going out all guns blazing with DICE’s Frostbite engine, Activision seems to be satisfied with its older IW engine. All its recent games reek of staleness. The gameplay has also offered nothing new in the last few games. It seems like Activision has employed complete noobs to make its games. It really needs to find new people because all the games it is churning out are basically recycled old titles.


Remember the amazing plot lines of the Modern Warfare games? Or of Black Ops? Well, that was the last time we had a good plot. Ever since then, Activision has seemingly given up on the plot. In all the latter games, there is just a semblance of a plot. The trademark twists are absent and instead have been replaced by predictable and generic twists. What should’ve surprised you barely causes you to even look up.


As if recycling its old titles was not enough, Activision has now started copying other franchises. The Advanced Warfare game feels more like a mix up of a Halo and Prototype. Black Ops III felt more like Bioshock Infinite without powers than a military shooter game. Activision outdid itself with Infinite Warfare. That game is basically Star Wars meets Halo meets Mass Effect. Had Infinite Warfare been a prequel to all the Halo games, it would have been acceptable. But this is downright plagiarism. The next thing you know, the main character is Commander Shepard or Master Chief.


With the above mentioned deeds, Activision has run Call of Duty’s good name to the ground. What used to be a great military shooter series has now become a stale, non military game franchise. Since Infinte Warfare is going to released any way, it will be for the best that Activision strops making such stupid games and let it be the last one. EA is returning to its roots with Battlefield 1 and Activision would do well to do so too. It should get in a new creative team and start afresh. If it doesn’t, it will pretty soon make the Call of Duty series as irrelevant as the Medal of Honor series. So please, just let Infinite Warfare be the last rotten apple you dish out. Otherwise, we too would have to say what Arsenal fans say every year in May, “Thank you for the memories, now it is time to leave”.


  1. Opinion based article even though it is true that the franchise is on a decline but black ops 3 and now infinite warfare has gotten caught on this no futuristic cods bandwagon. Even battlefield almost fell for this. My point being infinity ward and Treyarch both had the future in mind before that bandwagon Coikd pick up stream. Idk maybe sludge hammer has learned there lesson.