Naughty Dog’ Uncharted is one of the most appreciated and exciting console games of the decade. Now that its final console version, Uncharted 4 has released and received some major updates, we can now focus on the Uncharted Movie.Uncharted Movie

Fans were perplexed initially when Sony had postponed the release date from 2017 to an undecided one. But now, its script writer Joe Carahan has given a status update on the progress. Check out his recent tweet regarding the game derived movie:

The opening scene for UNCHARTED…at least in script form, is really, REALLY GOOD.— Joe Carnahan (@carnojoe) September 2, 2016

Joe Carahan is known for writing the script of the action packed massive blockbuster, The A-Team. He is currently involved in direction of “Bad Boys for Life”, a 2018 release. If he is the one directing the Uncharted movie, we have to wait for a really long time. Let’s hope Sony just contracts him for the script only.

Uncharted is one those third person shooter adventure games that don’t only have a good gameplay, but a well researched script and amazing graphics. Overwhelming response to it has obviously made us expect a lot from the movie. Not only gamers, but movie buffs are also waiting for the movie.

The game is spread over 6 massive versions where the adventurous Nathan “Nate” Drake, his adventure buddy cum fatherly figure Victor “Sully” Sullivan and co-adventurer Emily Fischer explore some of the deepest and darkest treasure mysteries.

Nathan Fillion as Nathan Drake
Nathan Fillion as Nathan Drake

Roping in Joe for the script input would mean a lot of action packed sequences for sure.The casting for each character is yet to be announced. As far as Drake’s part is concerned Nathan Fillion is the ultimate choice of the fans. But we cannot escape the possibility of Sony going ahead with Gerard Butler, Hugh Jackman, Ryan Gosling and Bradley Cooper with the main role.

For now, all we can hope for is an offical announcement of the movie from Sony. Looking at how far the game has gone, a franchise would be more preferred. From airship fights to jungle trek and castle treasure hunting, Nathan Drake would never cease amazing us.

What do you expect from Uncharted?