Echo has been created by Ultra Ultra, a Denmark based team which consists of many ex-employees of IO-Interactive,who got tired of the AAA-grind and wanted to create something new, non-realistic and different but it won’t be like the Hitman series they had previously worked on.
echo ai game
Though Ultra Ultrais an autonomous studio, which aspires to produce AAA-quality games, but this time the company is trying to launch something different in the market that is almost alien to them.

Echo – What to expect?

Echo basically has a very interesting premise behind it, but there might be a little scope of error. Either this will be a brilliant project or a complete disaster. Since the game is developed by a new studio, it’s very difficult to predict whether or not they can pull of something this aspiring.

Nowadays, it is very difficult to find a unique game. Game developers put up an endless parade of sandbox and shooting games imitating the innovations again and again. When something truly different comes along, it is like a breeze of fresh air. Certainly, this is the case with a newly announced sci-fi title called Echo, which features a very interesting and new mechanic at its core.

In Echo, players have to be conscious about their every actions because the advanced palace that the game takes place in creates exact copies of the gamers that mimic them in every other way. Even if the players run too much the echoes will imitate them. If players are willing to depend on guns, so will the echoes. If you try to sneak around, the echoes will become stealthier.

Echo Gameplay Trailer
The trailer is quite intriguing and aesthetically pleasing. The character animations seems a little stiff but that doesn’t interfere with overall feel of the game.

In every few minutes the palace needs to reboot itself so that it can update and upload the latest player behaviours. During this period of blackout, you are not being observed by the palace and can act in any way you wish to without the palace recording your actions.

Echo Release Dates

Echo is set to release in spring 2017. Right now, only on PC, but it is reasonable to assume that its console versions will appear soon. So be tuned for this amazing piece of gaming experience.

You only face those echoes that behave as you did previously before the blackout cycle. By this you can shape how the game will play out through each blackout cycle. If you want to face sneaky foes or too violent ones, it’s totally up to your actions.