The latest and exclusive release of GTA online stunts update transformed GTA online racing upside down, eventually this week it expanded to initiate six new heart throbbing races and three more stunt specialized vehicles.gta online stunts update

SIX NEW RACES INCLUDE: The super, muscle and modified sports bikes in which off road classes can compete and can get airborne through the bulgy rings of fire in an adrenaline pumping new collection of races and bikes.

Afterburner (Bikes): Those simple days are gone when jumping through the twisted rings of flames were considered as epitome of gaming engineering designs. Nowadays applying the same formula in spectacular races about a thousand feet above an urban region at midnightcan stand a decent chance of sudden rushof blood through your capillaries.

Double loop (Super): All that glitters are not gold, especially when it is a gravity defying loop over Fort Zancudo. Goodbye to the laws of gravity, enjoy the experience of intense racing with your fragile grip.

Forest (Bikes): The beautiful woodlands of San Andreas is one the most plentiful resources for the endangered timber, ampleof discreet hideaways and one of the most breath taking suicidal updates of dirt bike jumps.

High Fliers (Bikes): It’s time to daub the private jets and buckle up to learn a new thing of corporate dominance in and around every skyscrapers of Los Angeles.

Trench ll (Muscle): If you are susceptible to paranoia, you may often sense that you are trapped within this game with no escape. You need to play this game and give your neurons a boost. This is something to really latch onto.

Zebra (Sports): This is a game of massive projectile and vertical drops around mount Chiliad. Time to skip your suppers and to pack a change of underwear to play this sports class point to point race.

The update consists of three new bikes Ocelot Lynx, Declasse Drift Tampa and Western Cliffhanger which makes this experience even more exiting.