What news is prevailing here? It is the disaster in the market of the Samsung family. The shipments of the Samsung phones are on hold now. This is because of the quality issues that began on Wednesday. Bursting of the batteries have been reported in South Korea. Samsung will be immediately be replacing its batteries.

bursting of battery

Samsung produces individual lithium-ion battery cells. But the manufacture of the batteries is with others. So, the flaw is with the ITM Semiconductor. ITM produces all the Samsung batteries in South Korea.

In US, they have slightly different hardware configurations. But still there are some Samsung Galaxy phones by ITM whose dispatching and selling with the same semiconductor installation are in progress. So, people needs to become careful while selecting their phones.

The shipments on Wednesday came in response to a lots many post on social media. These were showing the phones destruction. Now the shipments will be kept in delay due to proper testing of the products.

Safety is necessary. You need to know when not to charge your phone and when to charge. It is overheating and overcharging that destroys the battery. So have a look at the words which relates to the charging of the battery.