In the headlines, the yet to be released video games “Pokemon Sun and Moon” are creating buzz post to the unveiling of the Pokemons that will be added in the game. With release date coming near, the number of the leaks and details are exceeded, revealing different features of the games. The leaks insinuate the evolutions of some of the new Pokemons. Noticing the rumor mongers, it might be possible that there are more creatures that will have Alola form. pokemon sun and moon

The recent leak is posted by a 4chan user. According to the data learned from the post, Nintendo is set to release a trailer in September as a part of Nintendo 3DS Direct. Also, seen in that trailer, there will be three new Pokemons in “Pokemon Sun and Moon” specifically Loboxter, Dulfrost and Uhaku.

As reported by PokeJungle, Loboxter is a pure fighting type Pokemon, which resembles a lobster and armed with boxing gloves and long spiral mustache, and it is believed to be a counterpart of Crabcrawler- which was presented in the Pokemon World Championship. On the flip side, Dulfrost is an ice and fight type Pokemon- looks similar to a snowman with red buttons for eyes and one on the egg shaped chest. As per rumors, Loboxter will be the part of “Pokemon Sun” and Crabcrawler will be for “Pokemon Moon.” Uhaku is considered as the evolved form of Rockbay.

Previously released list called Gen 7 Pokemon list also had these names. Reports informed that “Pokemon Sun” will be led by Solgaleo which is a steel and a psychic type Pokemon, whereas Lunala, ghost-psychic type Pokemon will lead Pokemon Moon.
With no information about games’ allotment on U.S. Pokemon Sun and Moon website, the Japanese website for the games confirms that the two games will be completely different from each other.

Both, “Pokemon Sun” and “Pokemon Moon,” are scheduled to reach the users on November 18, 2016. Europe will experience both a few days later with their worldwide release.