Supercel, the developer of the Clash of Clans game, is planning to launch an update this September to regain its significant player loss because of the new addictive game POKEMON GO.

coc september update

Loyal fans of Clash of Clans are speculating that the new update will change the manner of game play which will grab the attention of the followers it had lost earlier. The May update adds up to the negative aspects of the game along with the launch of POKEMON GO due which Clash of Clans has lost its player poll to a great extent.

No official announcements have been made about the date of release of the update in September. However fans speculate that it will bring a small capacity for the CoC players to harvest free gems, rebuild their clan and plan new defensive and offensive tactics which will be offered only for a restricted period of time but it may bring back the other lured players.

After the launch of this September update there will be a balanced patch to live and see how the new and expert players are gonna adapt and change their calculated actions and improve their attacking and defensive skills.

In the May update Supercell had the provision to completely ban the accounts of cheaters and exploiters using different software and codes or even semi-ban them. The latter specifically for those players who use less respectable means, not allowing the players to play the game for a week or two.

And this is where it made all the damage to the company. Now after suffering a great loss in terms of followers Supercell has decided to take up heals and suggestions from the fans to re-establish the knack for this game.

In this September 2016 TH11 update the bans will be permanently terminated bringing the lure players back to the game and a new Clash of Clans hero will be launched. It is suspected that theirwill be new levels for the archer tower and the giants.

Nevertheless discussing about this updates briefly: the healers which are the ground troops are vulnerable to air attacks. This is the problem that is the main obstacle that makes the establishment of Queenswalk less effective. Rookies flank the highlevel archer queen with healers which is very essential to the tactics, but eventually the defence forces are weakened and the plan stops working.

The September update of Clash of Clans is the most awaited among all other updates since the game has been made as it will bring the most hefty features which are believed to bring the excitation level much higher. We all are eager and hoping for an overwhelming response from the lost and active followers of this game.