What if the new iPhone announcement accompanies a new VR headset? September 7th, Apple holds another Keynote, which is going to end speculations, make the comparisons real and of course, reduce the pricing of iPhones already in the market?Apple

It is important to note that Apple doesn’t intend to launch a dozen new phones in a year, but to provide thoroughly researched and tested hardware and OS upgrades. From a company that has in house hardware and software development, we can expect multiple interfaces and better experience.

Virtual Reality is certainly the future of computing. This idea, though in papers since a long time, got major attention when Oculus Rift raised the roof with its crowdfunding campaign. Since then, we have seen multiple tech giants venturing into the world of VR. We have seen Samsung Gear and Lenovo promoting their headsets along with their smartphones. Sony is also set to launch a VR for PS4 this October.

Now, with the Apple Keynote scheduled on 7th September, virtual reality could get touch of class from the premium computer company.

Apple has been intensively working on VR headset and services, and it has patented itself a design 30th August, 2016.  This patent is for the graphical interface that is used in VR glasses.


Apple patent

Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 8.12.24 am

What to Expect from Apple VR

If Apple comes with something like iVR, the main lookout would be that if it already has a head mounted display or not? The former would increase the chances of VR being compatible with iPod,  Mac, iPad, along with the iPhone. Absence of a head mounted display (like in Samsung VR) would restrict it strictly to the mobiles. A perfect situation would be if Apple launches both these configurations. Ones with dedicated displays would be quite expensive (like Oculus and Hive), while those without it would be more affordable (like Samsung, Lenovo). Apple could then have an upper hand in the pricing and of course, can canvas it to masses.

Previously, it did showcase a VR experience by teaming with band U2 and Oculus headset. Now that Oculus has been acquired by Facebook and their arch rival Samsung has already teamed up with them, Apple would bring some in-house technology.

Keynote on September 7th has been defined as iPhone event by a lot of Apple speculators. However, Apple’s regular habit of surprising shouldn’t be ignored. For example, it’s venture into health via iOS 9 has indeed given scope for a lot of apps and fitness trackers.