Scientists claim finding new shape. It surely does make a great headline and also encounters innumerable questions. Majority among them are what is meant by new shape. How can you think about shape as new? A variety of shapes do exist atleast theoretically and we are developing and recuperate them.

The paper that propelled all these questions was published in Nature Communications this week. It definitely reports a new shape called a “scutoid” in the epithelial cells constituting human skin. It appears a bit like column with one edged with one corner cut off. It is also somehow applicable to biological membranes and cellular function.

Google could not provide with any response. Even inquiry just cropped up more headlines. None of them were ascribed to stories that deciphered the enigma. Matthew Gursky, a professor of mathematics at the University of Notre Dame said that the answer to the question ‘Can there be new shapes?’ is based on the meaning of ‘new’ and ‘shape.’ He defined the shape as any body that inhabits three-dimensional space, such as a cake or a rock.

Gursky further says that mathematicians may not apply shapes in that way, but that is not honestly pertinent. But what the paper says should be considered. The paper is concerned about how the scutoid is applicable to biological objects like epithelial cells.

If new to you means that is did not exist before then that is a wrong analysis. New here means that has never been mathematically narrated or deliberated.