Some of the live business webinars that you can find online have a wealth of information and could provide you with invaluable tools to manage and grow your business. While the fact that they are broadcasted over the internet makes it easier to attend them, sometimes you may not be able to catch the webinar while it is live.

Although some webinars may be uploaded later, many are one-time affairs and if you miss out the opportunity will have passed. The good news is that there are ways that you can save live business webinars and watch them at a more convenient time:

  • Web-based services

A quick Google search will let you find numerous web-based services that allow you to download online streaming videos – and you can use them to save live business webinars. Most just require you to input the URL of the webinar, and will process the video then provide you with a link to download it.

While convenient, these services tend to be limited to certain platforms. In other words you should have no problem downloading live webinars from Facebook, YouTube, or other popular platforms – but may have difficulty if it is hosted outside of them.

  • Browser plugins and extensions

The plugins and extensions that are available for browsers come in many shapes and sizes. Some simply leverage the web-based services mentioned above, while others directly ‘detect’ video streams and allow them to be downloaded.

While plugins that ‘detect’ video streams tend to be able to save live webinars from a wider range of platforms – they are far from perfect. Often you’ll run into websites or platforms that mask their video streams and so they may not be able to be detected.

  • Screen recorders

Although it may seem strange to resort to screen recorders to save business webinars – it is actually the most effective way of doing so. Because a screen recorder will record the webinar directly from your screen it isn’t subject to any of the limitations mentioned previously.

Additionally as much as some screen recorders are complicated and difficult to set up, there are others that are much more user-friendly. For example you could use Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac to set up and start recording a webinar in a matter of minutes.

Based on the options listed above, you should be able to go over the different types of ways to save webinars and find one that is a good fit. Be sure take into account their limitations, and make sure that the option you choose is able to record your webinar based on the platform it is broadcasting on.

Of course if you’re looking for peace of mind and want to be able to record any live business webinars from any website or platform – a screen recorder is your best bet. It will ensure that you never miss out on any business webinar ever again, and you can refer back to the video that you’ve saved at any point as well.