Herpes Alzheimer interconnected, antivirals will assist. When Taiwanese authors observed the subjects who endured grave herpes virus and who were medicated belligerently with antiviral drugs the comparative possibility of dementia was lessened by a factor of 10.

Professor Itzhaki said that the article and two other by disparate research groups in Taiwan offer the initial population proof for a determinant link between herpes virus infection and Alzheimer’s disease, a vital discovery.

They produce a review in the Journal of Alzheimer’s disease on the three articles, debating that they offer the impenetrable proof yet for a causal link between herpes infection and Alzheimer’s disease supporting 30 years of research by Professor Itzhaki.

Professor Itzhaki said that he believed they were the first to perceive the inference of these obvious data on this catastrophic state which mainly influence the aged. There are not many efficacious remedies yet obtainable. Around 30 million people globally encounter it and unfortunately this figure will increase as longevity increases.

However, it is our belief that these guarded and assuredly accessible antivirals may possess a powerful part to execute in tackling the disease in these patients. It also increases the subsequent probability of intercepting the disease by vaccination against the virus in infancy. Successful cure by a certain drug or successful vaccination opposed to the plausible microbe are the sole methods of proving that a microbe is the source of a non-contagious human disease.

Most Alzheimer’s disease researchers probe its chief characteristics amyloid plaques and neurofibrillary tangles; but the cause for their formation remains unknown.