There is already a huge rush on the tariffs of iPhone 7 release. But yes, the phone will be releasing in the month of September. The rumour mill flowing online is going to overdrive ahead the announcement.

iphone 7

There will be casing and materials in the new smart phone whch will be great.

The most iconic feature is the home button of the Apple. But now, there will be release of pressure sensitive technology from Mac Book computers, According to Bloomberg technology.

The early home buttons were pressing directly into the phone. Now, there will be pressure sensitive button that will give vibrating haptic sensation to give the feedback.

Release date

It will be officially releasing in September.

Some notorious leakers have cited the date September 16 but there is no source information.

If the above information according to leakers are right then launch event would rather be starting 5th of September.


According to the rumours the iPhone 7 will be pocket friendly. One more required information is that iPhone is going to ditch its 16GB storage. It will be directly jumping to 32GB storage and so on to 64GB and 128GB. 64GB and 128GB is most likely to stick with EURO 619 and EURO 699 respectively.

So, it is wallet friendly on comparing with the earlier handsets.


There will be certainly 3.5mm headphone port on the base of headset. There is new repositioning of the antenna on the corners of the handset.

Talking about size and design it is very much like iPhone 6s. The design is in the positive step of thinner body and larger screen.
Also there is invention of the new deep blue colour of the iPhone 7.

So, wait is going to get over soon, as September is no where far. Just few weeks more and we will be seeing huge rush on the Apple store.