The iPhone 7 release date is just round the corner and the talks about what features the new iPhone will have is on a high. One of the primary points of conversation is whether the upcoming iPhone 7 have the features that will beat Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in the race. With Samsung Galaxy Note 7 already up for preorders from August 3rd, many individuals are look extremely interested in the features that it has to offer.iPhone 7 Release date; 3 features to beat Samsung Galaxy Note 7

It will be interesting to see what iPhone 7 release during the month of September will have to offer that will convince the users to go for it instead of Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

3 must have features for upcoming iPhone 7

More Storage: One of the primary issues that iPhone users face is space crunch. Considering, the base version of 16 GB and no microSD card slot, it becomes extremely difficult for the users to manage space and apps on iPhone. The rumors have it that the upcoming iPhone 7 will do away with the 16 GB base version and move up to 32 GB. Rumors also have it that iPhone 7 could also have a 256 GB variant.

Waterproofing: iPhone users literally fear water. Many users have reported about their iPhones getting bricked after one interaction with liquid. A waterproof iPhone 7 is certainly the requirement of the hour, especially considering the fact that many other high end android smartphones do provide waterproofing.

Battery Life: Battery Life is yet another concern for the iPhone users. Many users are mocked for have to charge their devices for more time than what they use. An improved battery life will certainly shut the critics. Plus, this would also provide a great incentive for the users to go for iPhone 7 over Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Arguably, this is a must feature for the upcoming device from Apple Inc.