Denali Mac Berger especially available in Alaska only. The Denali Mac was officially added to menu card of McDonalds in Alaska in November 2006. It was named as McKinley Mac after the tallest peak in North America, located in Alaska’s Denali National park.

Denali-Mac-Berger-especially-available-in-Alaska-onlyIn September 2015, President Obama signed off on the revision of Mount McKinley’s name back to Denali. The Denali Mac is a Big Mac, however with larger beef patties and extra special sauce, essentially celebrating Alaska as the special sauce of the fifty states.

The development of the Denali Mac helps to boost McDonald’s identity in the Last Frontier, where major chains are often skipped in favor of local businesses. “Alaskans are an idealistic and fiercely independent people who are extremely proud to live in the Last Frontier.

while there are plenty of local businesses and burger joints to frequent in Alaska, when that airport craving calls, the unique Denali Mac is there to serve Alaskans and visitors alike.

World travelers are always on a way to find some of McDonald’s more unique menu options like pastries at McCafe in France, teriyaki burgers in Japan, brekkie wraps in Australia. However American outposts of the global franchise also have special menu items unseen in other states.

The Denali Mac becomes specialty of Alaska. It is one lesser-known regional specialty that honors America’s biggest state with its meaty grandiosity.