If everyone who signed up for a new gym membership in January was still actually attending two or three months later then they probably wouldn’t be able to get in the door because of the queues. Thankfully, a lot of people give up after their first session (if they make it that far) – but how do you make sure that you aren’t one of those people who has paid for a gym membership that never turns up?

It is understandable that you might not feel quite as enthused as you were once the dark nights start rolling in – or when you’ve had another tough day at work. But there was a reason why you signed up for a gym membership in the first place, so let’s see how you can attain your goals.

Take it easy

Most people sign up to a new gym when they think they absolutely need to do something about their fitness. But you need to recognize that whatever you think you need ‘fixed’ will not magically happen overnight. Don’t be put off if you do not see immediate results – it is not because you will never get the body of your dreams, it is because anything worth doing takes a little bit of time.

Share the experience

One really good incentive when it comes to making sure that you actually go to the gym you’ve just signed up for is to tell people that you are going. Hopefully you will find that your friends are naturally supportive so will ask how it is going. There is nothing like the feeling of not wanting to disappoint people to keep you doing something. You could go one step better and recruit a friend to go with you to the gym. You will find that you can both spur each other on and if you would be letting someone else down if you don’t go to the gym you are more likely to go yourself.

Take a look around

You should have some kind of plan to your gym session to ensure that you get the most benefit possible. But when you first go, take a look around the place and try different areas out. You will probably have a distinct set of goals in mind but you never know when you might find something new that you love. You should have some kind of training regime set out for you when you sign up but take the guided tour at the same time so you know what is on offer.

Look the part

Going to the gym is not a fashion parade so what you are wearing should not be number one on your list of priorities, but you will need some work out clothes for your sessions. Don’t worry about the latest labels and brands but do make sure the clothes you choose help you as much as they can – that is what they are designed for after all. Kit yourself out in the work out collection that suits your needs – and then it can be a real bonus when it makes you look good too!

Track your progress

You don’t want to sign up for a gym membership just to then take it easy. Not stretching yourself is a good way to lose interest and not make it past that first month. You will need to push yourself to keep going, and then you will start seeing some results. A good way to keep on track is to set yourself goals along the way. That way you can measure how you are doing against how you thought you would perform. There are plenty of great apps on the market to measure all kinds of gym-related details – and the people at the gym will be glad to measure progress if you are not up with the tech side of keeping fit.

Be the best you can be

Surviving that first month at the gym will really set you up for whatever goals you had when you signed up in the first place. Once you make it part of your routine then it will not seem so much of a chore – and many people actively look forward to going once they get into the swing of things.

Just remember – you signed up for a reason so don’t give yourself an easy way out of going. Keep at it and you will soon see the difference and your health will benefit.