Beware of public hand dryers dispersing bacteria directly on to hands, as latest study is driving all the attention by the public when the researchers discovered that the hand dryers situated in the public restrooms are spreading various types of bacteria over users’ hands.

Applied and Environmental Microbiology recently published a research review that provides evidences of finding hot air hand dryers in the public restrooms with the ability of transmitting certain bathroom bacteria.


But one contrasting research has shown that the use of hot air hand dryers is more good and effective as compares to paper towels in order to reduce the bacterial transmission if the hands set motionless while drying. Since, the way is not much effective and sometimes transfers more bacteria if hands get rubbed.

However, it makes more confusing that experts are even support different theories regarding hot air dryers. A scientist from the Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, Dr. Amity Roberts says that when there is no other option, it is all time better option to at least wash hands than keep the hands unwashed.

Researchers also suggest using hand sanitizer that made up of alcohol, when people want more effective and doubtless option. Later the study, the team concluded that, “Therefore, this makes paper towel drying, during which little air movement is generated, the most hygienic option of hand-drying methods in health care.”

“The bacteria deposited by hand dryers can cause disease and infections. In most cases, patients sickened by these bacteria had a vulnerability to infection because of immunodeficiency, chronic disease, or IV drug use,” researchers added.