Ford discloses present day elegant Focus compact car in China and Europe on Tuesday. Somewhere the importance of the passenger car dominated recent years to emphasize it focus compact car come in to existence.

Ford-discloses-present-day-elegant-Focus-compact-carOwing to issues about taxes, Ford confirmed the vehicle will no longer be made in the U.S. As the picking cars and Sport Utility Vehicles are ruling all over U.S., it becomes hard to make profit on small cars for automakers.

Besides new looks, the next Focus gets adaptive cruise control and depending on the market, the ability to read traffic signs and the ability to stay in its lane on its own. There are adaptive headlights that can turn the beam when the car is going around corners.

The company is focused on cutting costs by reducing design options. “The car will be a small car which customer will love,” said Jim Farley, president of Global Markets.

“In Europe and China, there is still a lot of runway left for Focus. China and Europe aren’t as crazy as Americans. It’s why Ford makes this in Europe and China and not in the U.S.”

The recent focus is on “reducing complexity and improving quality.” There will be few as 26 design combinations according to the global market.

Key to the overall cost reduction strategy will be streamlining common components such as engines, electrical systems and high-end features, such as sunroofs.

“This complexity reduction helps Ford lower and control costs while ensuring Focus customers can more easily and quickly find the model that meets their needs,” the company said.