United State drivers suffers massive expensive cost last year, according to study results released Monday by Seattle area based INRIX. The result show that the expensive cost for united State driver is due to Parking.


The average U.S. driver faced $10,288 total driving costs in 2017. It composed of direct expenses such as the amounts for buying or leasing a vehicle, depreciation, maintenance, fuel and insurance. The total also reflects indirect costs such as lost time, burned fuel and carbon emissions while idling in traffic congestion and other expenses.

The study found, parking fees and fines, driving around looking for parking for more parking takes near about $3,000 costs.

New York City drivers faced $18,926 in direct and indirect driving costs during 2017. The total parking-related expense is about 46% of the total. Average drivers in New York City parked more frequently and paid the most. It is about $28 for two hours of off-street parking citywide.

Parking-related costs “makes motoring very expensive,” and “imposes a high cost on drivers and the economy,” Cookson added. This expensive cost represents a heavy financial burden. The $10,288 in total U.S. driving costs U.S. motorists faced in 2017.

However, U.S. drivers hit the road for an average of 13,746 miles last year. As a result, U.S. drivers faced a per-mile cost of 98 cents, the study showed.

The company’s calculations used U.S. Federal Highway Administration data and IRS mileage rates that can be reclaimed when using a vehicle for business purposes.