Augmented Reality is a live, direct or uninterrupted vision of a real environment whose elements are enhanced by computer-generated sensory input such as sound, video, graphics or GPS data.augmentedAugmented Reality can be referred to a reality which can be manipulated. In this process, the real world gets replaced by the virtual one. The success of Pokémon GO has paved the way for further innovations in this genre.


In Augmented Reality, you can literally fuse the virtual world into the real world and make it your playground. Recently, Pokémon GO released and it broke all the records. It took the app market by storm. Pokémon GO allows you to catch Pokémon through your GPS system and search. People are going to parks, beaches, and varied locations to catch them and are engaging in virtual Pokémon battles with other players.

AR can be also used in archaeology. It can certainly be used to visualise building projects and infrastructures. It can be used to render 3D applications. The best use of it can be made in education. Readings and textbooks can contain embedded markers that can be scanned to produce images, videos which can help the students to better visualise what they have been taught. Augmented Reality enable learning through remote collaboration, in which students and teachers can share materials even if they are in different locations or distant to each other.

Future Prospects-

AR can also be used to promote ventures and helping in marketing sales. It is likely to be more informative. The users can interact through their content. It can take military development to new heights. AR can render vital battlefield information into the soldiers’ glasses. AR can be used to good effect in emergency situations. For eg: If some person is lost in a mountain then AR can be used to display the map of that location to the rescue operation team.

There are many other areas in which AR can be used to a great effect such as medical science, art work etc. The process of using AR has begun in automobiles too. This move will definitely lead to safer and more informative driving. Drivers will be able to know which vehicle is coming in the next turn, location of nearby vehicles, speed control information etc. Such technology could really be a revolution in the field of technology.


There are many components that are required for Augmented Reality.
Hardware components which are essential for AR are processor, display, sensors and input devices. Advanced devices such as computers, Smart phones, tablets, VR have these other components such as accelerometer, compass etc.


The essential components require for AR are HMD, Eyeglasses, HUD, Virtual retinal display, sunglasses etc. A head mounted display is a display device which is attached to the forehead such as a harness or helmet. HMD places images of both the physical world and virtual objects over the user’s field of view. The HUD displays information about the virtual world. It presents you a unique environment.


Early experiments have yielded success. The road to a revolution is still very long for the augmented reality technology. It will definitely prove to be a gem. Various international organisations and governments must also cooperate in this project. More private players should come participate in this innovation to raise more funds. Although still there are some privacy concerns related to it that must be addressed. If everything goes well then certainly, the way we look at the world can be changed.