Jumping a number in the series, Samsung has released another successor to its Galaxy Note Series, Note 7. It is nothing different from the previous versions Galaxy Note. This $850 handheld machine is not even trying hard for a refined user experience.
Samsung Galaxy Note 7Nothing much has changed when we compare it to the previous versions of the Note Series. Samsung is still launching the phone with the S-Pen, the metal body is absent.  All Samsung seems to have done here is chip in everything new that a Tech journal would show case. You can find the following being marketed as phone’s USP:

  1. Corning Gorilla Glass 5 Back Panel
  2. 4K video recording support.
  3. Octa Core CPU
  4. IP 68 standard for water and dust proof

Being a major launch of September 2016, the Note 7 is also ready to upgrade to upcoming Android v7.0, the Nougat.  Rest all other features of the phones are nothing different from the previous versions of the Note.

As far as the insides are concerned, you can already let go of the idea of having 6GB RAM or 128GM ROM. The device will sport a 4GB RAM, complementing the 64GB ROM. There is a slot for a micro SD Card, which can expand the external memory to upto 256GB.

The performance tests do not even beat the iPhone 6S, which is soon to take the second throne by the highly anticipated successor, iPhone 7.

Samsung has a strong supply chain, spread all over the world for its gadgets and spares. Note 7 was expected to be a show stopper and rake in lot of sales.

Unlike Apple, Samsung has been quite liberal with showcasing the features of the Note and the reviews has been pumped in already.  With the details already floated around, a lot users would want to wait for the new iPhone announcement. Samsung seems to have taken a fast, less researched route for the Note. It certainly has bet upon rave reviews it has achieved from the previous versions.

Now, Apple and Samsung offer two very different experiences and cannot be compared right away. However, since the end user usually prefers only one phone, the brands stand as fierce rivals. Looking at the high costs, there is less margin for mistakes and seems like Samsung has made a blunder here. May be it should have designed a phone that could not only take on Apple but also the early risers like  One Plus and Xiaomi.

Check out some review videos of the Flagship


  1. The body is still metal. It is some high spec aluminum that I can’t remember the number for at the moment. The metal is only visible on the spine between to the extremely smooth layers of gorilla glass 5 on front and back. Compared to the Note 5 the Note 7 is thinner, lighter, faster, has a brighter screen, has more Pen options and a brighter flashlight with brightness control. The new curvier design fits better in a pocket. I am completely happy with the upgrade. From the above article I can only assume this Z list site hasn’t been able to source one for an actual review.

  2. Let us know in a couple years when the iphone finally gets wireless charging and maybe a year after that it will become waterproof. Iphone will never catch up to the screen quality of Samsung’s screens as Samsung is smart enough to not supply apple with it’s best technology. By that time Android will have 85% of the global smartphone market rather than the 75% it has now.

  3. If you choose to make a public review of a product, do your readers a favor and actually hold the product in your hand and use it. Your review smacks of Apple favoritism and shows your fanboy flair. This review is so inaccurate I will not take the time to correct you; I will, however, be sure to never trust your Apple skewed reviews again. What a waste of my time.