Federal government funds improved practices over national opioid crisis, as the Associated Press reported that President Trump has signed $4.6 billion budget appropriation on Friday to be allocated to the states affected by the significantly growing opioid abuse epidemic across the nation, which has taken lives of nearly 42,000 people from America in 2016.

Richard Hudson, R-08, Local Rep. has announced to be visiting Serenity House on Tuesday in Concord to discuss about the ways for improving the practices for the national opioid crisis, with the local leaders.

federal-government-funds-practices-national-opioid-crisis “DisposeRx manufactures a powder that mixes with water inside the pill bottle”, Hudson said in a statement that, “It renders any unused opioids not only inaccessible and inextricable, but also bio-degradable. Its innovative ideas like this that we need to explore and I look forward to working with colleagues on the Committee to help treat and prevent this opioid addiction.”

Being a part of Energy and Commerce Committee, Hudson has been actively working with the colleagues on learning much more about why and how opioid outbreak has occurred. In addition, the committee also estimates legislative solutions to Congress to be followed.

Greg Walden, the House Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman stated that, “Hudson’s idea to study new technologies was a commonsense idea. Rep. Richard Hudson is taking opioid disposal another step further. The nonpartisan Government Accountability Office … would review and detail the effectiveness of these disposal methods.”