IBM launches Watson Data Kits for business customers to scale artificial intelligent service. Today, IBM announced that it has teamed up with Apple to launch the Watson Assistant, an “AI enterprise assistant.”


The companies have designed an artificial intelligent advisor to accelerate the development of AI applications. It will make it easier for business customers to make faster, more informed decisions.

Watson Data Kits delivers pre-enriched, machine-readable and industry-specific data to companies. The kits will initially be available to travel for travel points of interest (POI) that will provide hotel brands, online travel agencies, and others with point-of-interest data. It will be also served to food industries for food menus to create great experiences for travelers.

The idea is to create more engaging consumer experiences, drive greater business value, and quickly extract rich insights.

The Watson Data Kit will contain more than 300,000 points of interest in 100 categories and for food menus, it will have 700,000 menus in 21,000 U.S. cities. All of them will provide content for apps that can help users find the type of cuisine, location, menu item, and price.

“We’re building this Watson Assistant offering so that automakers and hotels and electronics companies and other companies can put an assistant in their product or service in a way that brings real value to end users,” says global vice president of Watson Internet of Things at IBM, Bret Greenstein.

Greenstein also said, “The technology is about understanding people, their words, their language, their tone, their intent.”