Not only you everyone is so keen of charging their phone at night. Charging phone is quiet ok but overnight? No ways! This is the mistake that everyone does with their phones. People just think to plug-in their phones for overnight charging. They just think that in morning their phone will be full charge.

phone over charging

They don’t know that overnight charging drains their battery. Frequently charging up your phone will drain the lithium-ion-batteries. Obviously, a battery when charged will not allow the overflow of current. This a stupid also knows.

The new Android and iPhones are having chips. These chips are protecting them from getting excess current.

There are some technologies which allows your phone to charges faster. But this technique also drains your battery. It will be leading to damage of lithium-ion-batteries.

Solution for preserving the battery?

If you really want to keep your battery then you should use the charger meant for less powerful device. Use the original charger for the phone. This will actually be preserving your phone’s battery.

People should remember to avoid their phone from overheating. This may also drain their battery. Temperature above 95 degree Fahrenheit’s will definitely be draining the battery.

So, people should charge their phone during the working hours when they are awake. This will let them to stop the current when the phone’s charging is full.

So, keep your battery stay longer as you want your phone to stay longer.