Apple iPhone 5s, is one of the most cutest phone I have ever seen. It comes with a 4 inch screen with mesmerizing edges. I swear, it is one of the most attractive device from the technology giant Apple. iphone -5s-aperture-games

The price of the device has been abruptly reduced to the half of its release price, after the release of iPhone 6s and followed by the release of iPhone SE. As a result, people all round the globe are looking for iPhone 5s and also in a dilemma, whether to buy iPhone 5s or not.

The decision will not be a great one, if they opt to buy iPhone 5s right now. Here, I shared top 8 reasons, why one should avoid buying the device.

Longevity of the device’s Hardware is the main things, which should be considered before buying a device. A few months back, Apple has disclosed officially that the company will not be responsible for the hardware defects in new iPhone 5s. Since the hardware components of an average iPhone will last for 3 years, the support for iPhone 5s will be withdrawn soon. Buying a device, which old approx three years will not be a wise decision. I suggest that spending $300 on an older specification mobile will not be a wise option.

The iPhone 5s is not at all considered as a flagship model and three models has been hitting the market from Apple, after the release of iPhone 5s. The device can be bought even for free, by choosing two years of contract with mobile carriers.

Not only the above mentioned points, the device has been even removed from Apple’s official website and hereby, the support for the device will be also revoked soon by the company.

The next point to be considered is its 4 inch display. Living the era of larger smartphone and opting for a tiny new 4 inch screen with older specification will make us to appear awkward in the real world.

The device bundled with Apple’s A7 Processor, which is considered as very older processor in the current generation of processors. It is highly anticipated that Apple will unveil its A10 processor with iPhone 7. Buying an A7 processor with 1 GB of RAM is not at all a recommended one.

The front facing camera of the device has been just 1.2 MP, iPhone 6s come with 5 MP of front camera. If you’re a selfie type of person, do not ever think about iPhone 5s.

Last but not the least, the device powered by 1560 mAh battery, which is not a better one, when compared with other smartphone in the current market.


  1. You kinda ignore going to Wally World and getting a new 5S for $149. If you like Verizon as your provider, Straight Talk’s 5S uses Verizon’s towers. It’s kinda hard to go wrong with that unless you just really like to throw money around.