Nazi camp documentation doctor dies at 93 as two dozen long serving borne the US flags and stood gallantry as they and magnitude of family and friends proffered goodbye to one of the country’s distinguished war heroes.

Anthony C. Acevedo’s four children and two grandchildren accompanied his flag covered coffin as he approached towards reposing at Riverside National Cemetery prior the convict of War absent in Action memorial. Acevedo was a World War II doctor and an indispensable part of the 350 US soldiers embraced in a Nazi slave labor camp.

He would be the premiere Mexican-American ever identified as a Holocaust afflicted. He retained one cruel secret though till his life’s end. At 93, his final words were: “How life tells a story.” Col. Dan Forden, a chaplain at the VA Hospital in Loma Linda said that he is a great American and even a greater icon. He is the man that everybody should look up to and aim to become like him.

Three rifle barrages echoed across the silent crowd. A bugler played “Taps” as adept permitted Acevedo one final salute. The children of Acevedo were bestowed with folded flags involving the one from his coffin prior to a bagpiper rendered “Amazing Grace.” Acevedo’s daughter, Rebeca Acevedo-Carlin, said at a former remembrance service to narrate my father in one word would be compassion.

His son, Fernando Acevedo said that he was an unbelievably original man. He would always advocate the principles of faith and care for others and even more vitally love one another. He said that his father had love in his heart while interacting with anybody.