Pokemon Go is now universally played by significantly two types of players. One, who just explore the fun side of hunting and catching Pokemons. Two, those who are goal oriented in becoming the best Gym Leader by facing many battles, more in a business way. pokemon go

In the world of Pokemon, which is centralized with battles, Gyms play the vital role. After you collect your Pokemons, you are going to train and battle with and for them in Gyms.

So if you are a rookie player and is missing out on the tips and tricks of what all, could you do if you are in a Gym, do read further.

What are Pokemon Gyms?

Gyms in Pokemon world are for battling and training with your Pokemons. Three teams own all the Gyms in the game. Teams namely: Mystic, Valor and Instinct, in colors: yellow, blue and red respectively not in the order precisely. Once you reach the level 5, you will be given an option to choose the team. You then get a Gym, where you get the Pokecoins, which helps you advance in the game by buying stuff in the store.

Why do you need to pick a team?

All the Pokemon teams there are, for managing the Gyms. If a Mystic team member owns the Gym, they have to defend by battling with the other teams to preserve the high prestige of the Gym. Other teams like Valor for example, can go to the Gym that is owned by Mystic team, can battle and try to lower the prestige by beating them.

What are the levels and prestige?

Every Pokemon Gym has a level and a prestige. Levels are segregated as slots for the defenders. As this slot increases, the prestige also increases. A measure of a Gym which can be altered by training and battling is Prestige. Friendly battles in a Gym can be performed to increase your prestige and slots thereby (if you win).

But when you are battling with an enemy in the Gym, you have to knock down the prestige level of your enemy to zero, which results in defenders to swipe out of the Gym, you can make your claim on the Gym and can move in.

How to battle?

Battling and winning in the Pokemon Go is very simple. All you have to know about is the hack of a simple mechanism. You have to keep tapping your screen very fast. Also, know about the type of the Pokemon you are battling against. For instance, if you are battling against a Fire type Pokemon, use your Water type Pokemon and type the screen fast to make effective attacks.

Another power move which unleashes a damaging attack on the enemy is, you have to long press the screen. This can result in no gain or sustainable number of attacks.

To avoid the attacks which are deadly from the enemy’s Pokemon, there is a swipe across the display for dodging trick. Make sure you keep an eye on your health bar because when it comes down to zero it means you are knocked down.

How to train Pokemons?

All you need is to find an icon that looks like a boxing glove in the Gyms that is owned by your team. Pick a Pokemon for a friendly battle. Be wise when choosing a Pokemon because you will have to win at least once against the Pokemon that is already trained or in training. You keep battling until the defenders knock your Pokemon out. Then you will get some coins, a prestige boost, some XP and a slot for you to leave your defender.

Where are Pokemon Go Gyms?

There are many local places, where you can find the Pokemon Go Gyms just like PokeStops. There are no specific themed areas to find Gyms but mostly it is present in parks and near some clubs and well lit area.