UAE to see rising weight loss rates soon in near future, as an American health agency suggesting new guidelines to follow while purchasing the meals that will put whole country on a diet, accentuating that nearly 67 per cent of females and 70 per cent of the males belonged to the age of 15 years old and above, who are recognized as overweight in the UAE.

A recently released report by the British Broadcasting Corporation stated that a leading expert in the United Kingdom shows that the British population should follow a strict diet with ready meals, processed meat and pizzas, because the obesity outbreak is targeting them.

Senior clinical dietitian, Nadina Andar Halabi from the Emirates Hospital Wellness and Obesity Centre said in a statement that, “We have to include food from various food groups such as fruits, vegetables, fibre-rich carbs, and lean protein from animal and vegetarian origin.


Public Health England (PHE), the government health agency has instructed to the major food manufacturing firms to take a rigid action to produce and promote more healthful ingredients in their food items.

Dietitian Clinical and Director, Katharina Elbracht from Beyond Nutrition Dubai stated that, “PHE’s campaign makes sense to use this breakdown as a guideline. Spreading the calories across three main meals prevents us from over-eating at certain times of the day and still leaves room to add some snacks between the main meals. If a person splits the calorie intake over the day, it means that the body is provided with sufficient energy from early morning until late at night.”