Music can help you work out for a longer time a team of researchers has suggested. A new study has shown that listening to music while exercising really does boost endurance.


Doctors have found that while working out, people who listen to upbeat music through headphones could run for nearly a minute longer.

The researchers, from Texas Tech University, said music acts as a powerful motivator that signals the brain to release feel-good and energy-boosting chemicals. However, being inactive or not exercising with high blood pressure, smoking, obesity, and high cholesterol is one of the five leading risk factors for a powerful motivator.

The research team carried out an experiment on 127 heart patients and they were selected for a routine electrocardiogram (ECG) treadmill stress test to examine the heart of their heart.

The half patients were asked to wear headphones and to listen to up-tempo music while the other group was asked to wear headphones but with no music playing during their stress tests.

The results found that the workout time in the first group compared with the control group, 505.8 versus 455.2 seconds, respectively.

The researchers suggest that adults should follow at least 30 minutes of moderate (aerobic) activity such as swimming, riding a bicycle, water aerobics, busy housework, taking a brisk walk, playing tennis, dancing, and gardening.

“Our findings reinforce the idea that upbeat music has a synergistic effect in terms of making you want to exercise longer and stick with a daily exercise routine,” said Dr. Shami, who will present his findings at the American College of Cardiology conference in Orlando later this month. “When doctors are recommending exercise, they might suggest listening to music too.”