Google’s tech expansion plan selects New York City and it has reported a $2.4 billion deal to add a landmark Meatpacking District building to its already existing New York campus.


Google already leases space in Chelsea Market. This place also contains offices for Major League Baseball and the local cable news channel NY1, among other lessee.

If this deal gets successful, it would be among the expensive real estate transactions for a single building in city history.

It would also give Google a remarkable Meatpacking District Manhattan campus to addition it’s still growing main headquarters in Mountain View, California.

Google already occupies Nabisco cookie factory just west of Chelsea Market. And, across the street from that factory, it has also announced plans to lease another 320,000 square feet of space at Pier 57.

It has planned to build an office and retail complex on a pier over the Hudson River. The Google plans expansion as other tech companies, including Amazon, Facebook and Spotify, are also growing in the city.

In addition considering New York among the 20 finalists for its new eastern U.S. headquarters, Amazon recently signed a deal to bring 2,000 employees to a building.

State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli reported that New York City had 7,600 tech firms in 2016.

Julie Samuels said that presence of large companies like Google and Amazon will support a robust ecosystem where young engineers and others will move to New York to work for the large companies.