Airbnb Plus introduced its vetted luxurious properties on Thursday that consist of four new types of properties including Boutique, B&B, Unique Space and Vacation Home as well as two new tiers that involve Beyond and Plus. All of these new lavish properties and rentals seem to be promising to help travelers easily find their certain travel accommodations they are after.

Worldwide Accommodations Leader, Airbnb Plus is today celebrating the company’s 10th anniversary with offering such new modest form of its hospitality service that promises to reach hundreds of different criteria and certain luxurious amenities.


Every appealed accommodation booking is uniquely adorned and none of the properties matches with another. Each home consists of its own variety of personalities, amenities and décor. However, the customized approach could sometimes be a drawback, as travelers can never be fully satisfied with what they will get to see after arriving to the property reserved by them earlier.

The New York Times has reported that the standard Airbnb property averagely costs $100 nightly, while the average nightly rate for Airbnb Plus rentals is $200. Currently the properties have been made available in Barcelona, Austin, Chicago, Cape Town, Melbourne, Rome, London, Milan, Los Angeles, Shanghai, Toronto, Sydney and San Francisco.

Kristaiana Capati, advisor at Artisan Experiences, the New York City luxury travel firm, stated that, “Wealthy travelers today are very much interested in luxury home rentals, but there is not enough product out there to meet their demand. Airbnb, being such a known brand, has the potential to significantly change that.”