Lighthouse HD security camera features amaze you as It keeps watchful eye on the living room leverages artificial intelligence, deep learning, as well as facial recognition and 3D sensing to notify you of such occurrences.



The price of camera is $299 plus $10 a month for the full AI treatment and to store 30 days of encrypted video in cloud. The lighthouse camera is expensive than typical security camera.

However, the feature of lighthouse camera makes it stay in competition with Nest, Amazon.

The technology used in lighthouse is as same as in self driving cars. A sensor measures distance to create a real time 3D map of the place where you will be placed it.

A sensor allows you to track people, distinguish the human from pets. The features of lighthouse camera make it stay in competition with Nest, Amazon.

You can hang lighthouse camera on a wall or tilt it up or down on its base. The camera has 95 degree diagonal field of view.

Once download the app on your phone and setting things up, it is very easy to operate. You can type or ask questions.

You can also tap an icon for the Daily Recap. It lets you rapidly go through video of your day in seconds. You can save and share any relevant clips.

A “halo” feature can let you toggle on or off, you can have the people appearing in video clips outlined in blue, and pets outlined in yellow.

You can also get a real time remote view through the app of what the camera is seeing.

If there’s an intruder in the house you can also sound a siren. In the dark, night vision automatically kicks in, with excellent visibility.