Powerful precision cancer medicine – larotrectinib, which targets unusual genetic mutations existing in nearly 5000 people from the United States rather the location of tumor in the person, has given positive result for the treatment of nearly three quarters of the patients, according to the statement of researchers made on Wednesday.

Study involved the patients from all ages including adults, adolescents, Infants and children suffering from different types of cancers such as infantile fibrosarcoma, melanoma, gastrointestinal, salivary gland, lung, thyroid and colon. The findings obtained from the study have been disclosed in the New England Journal of Medicine.


Deputy Director, Leo Mascarenhas from the Children’s Center for Cancer and Blood Diseases, who contributed in designing study’s pediatric part, said that, “This is truly a magic bullet for our patients with TRK-positive cancer. In some cases, this cancer can be treated surgically – often requiring amputation or another disfiguring surgical procedure.”

Loxo Oncology Inc. of Stamford, a Biotechnology company in Connecticut has developed the medicine – larotrectinib that has been granted a designation of breakthrough therapy in 2016 by the US Food and Drug Administration. If consumed once or twice a day, the medicine interferes with tropomyosin receptor kinase (TRK) fusions, which is an acquired genetic defect that causes cancer growth.

David Hong, co-principal investigator of cancer therapeutics from The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center stated that, “In this series of studies, larotrectinib had rapid, potent and durable anti-tumor activity in children and adults who had solid tumors with TRK fusions without regard to patient age, tumor tissue and fusion status.”