Plugging in the Kindle is wrecking havoc on the Anniversary Update of Windows 10. The fatal Blue Screen of Death appears as soon the device gets connected to a Windows machine. This issue comes more of a shocker as plugging in a device has hardly ever busted the host. Further, Kindle and Windows, both have been in the market for a really long time and are fairly compatible with almost every version of each other.

Kindle Crashing Windows 10Windows 10 anniversary update has already landed into multiple issues that include updates being stalled and compatibility issues with Surface. These glitches were immediately addressed by Microsoft. Microsoft has been a thorough player in testing its OS and has been widely appreciated for that. Not testing a common e-reader like Kindle, puts their credibility in question.

However, crashing due to a third party gadget has created a commotion as no solution has floated yet.

Users are not only bombarding the Microsoft Forums, but Amazon Forums are also being bubbled up constantly. Majority of users posting the issue are owners of Paperwhite, Voyage and Oasis. Connecting these gadgets for mere purpose of charging or transferring e-books takes the brain out of their newly updated Windows 10 PC. Obviously, the users seem perplexed and angry at the same time. Users have almost tried everything to solve it: changing from USB 2.0 to 3.0 ports, forced rebooting, using a different cable, making the system sleep and then connecting the Kindle. None, as of now, has solved the problem for users.

“We have a lot of smart gadgets of various brands and software. Android OS hovers in over 20 different mobile phone brands. Windows licensed computers are offered by the companies who are instrumental with Android mobile phones. Amazon knows well about the power of intellect and has launched a Kindly app for every type of OS. Companies understand the end user needs and their comfort with multiple OS.  Inter device compatibility is the essential vitamin that completes consumer needs. When two highly used and trusted devices do not fulfil it, trust issues arise and companies are bound to solve it immediately, and, if not, face the heat.”

The anniversary update has been released with a lot of built in features such as Cortana and Ink. Moreover, a special preview to the new Skype, update to the Defender and Hello are bundled into it. This update has been widely marketed by a lot of Windows PC makers and plethora of offers have been clubbed on purchase of models having the updated version.

Developers at Microsoft have surely started to wrestle the issue and a quick update (hopefully minor one) is expected to come anytime. We hope them to be steady with it as a lot of other gadgets and updates would soon embark the Windows 10 Anniversary Edition.