Google app beta gets screenshot editing tools that allow users to edit and crop the captured screenshot and then share it.


Google has been testing this instant screenshot editing tool built straight into its Google app for nearly the past year.

Apple previously introduced a similar feature in iOS 11 with the ability to edit screenshots on the fly. And now it looks like Android is also getting the same tool. But, for now, the new feature will be limited to Google apps which include Feed and Search.

The new tool will be released with version 7.21 of the Google application which is currently in beta build.

Users can take a screenshot within a Google app, and then they will get the option to open up the image to make some edits. Then they can make changes to the screenshot, such as crop the image, or even doodle on it to make notes. After that, they will have the option it shares it with other apps.

It is important to note that the tool only works inside of the application, so the Google app should be activated when editing and quick sharing the screenshot. The new feature has been added to capture screenshots exclusively with the phone like as part of the Google app, but we could see it expanded in time. The tool even works when viewing websites launched from the Feed section.

The mini tool includes different colors and you can jot down something even without a pen quickly. Along with the pen feature, there’s also the option of cropping which is a very useful feature.