Like your ps4? It’s about to get replaced. As is the Xbox. Both Sony and Microsoft are working on more powerful versions of their respective game consoles. In the case of Sony, it’s called the PlayStation 4 neo in the case of Microsoft, it’s called project Scorpio.scorpioNo information regarding the overall look can be yet ascertained nor the release date and prices. But how both the consoles fare against each other? We look at a few points

Which is more powerful?

Of the two new consoles from Microsoft and Sony, the new Xbox One is the more powerful.

That’s owed mostly to a new graphics processor in Scorpio that’s capable of producing more raw horsepower than what’s inside the PlayStation 4 neo console. The computing power can be measured in “flops” and the Scorpio is 4 times more faster than the PS4 Neo. Also the new Xbox One Scorpio is using chip technology that’s a generation beyond what’s going into the new Playstation 4 Neo. We have a clear winner here Memory wise too Scorpio has outdone the Neo.

Battle of new features

Despite a power differential, there aren’t any huge differences between the new Xbox One and the new PlayStation 4.

– Both the new Xbox One and the new PlayStation 4 are capable of playing standard Xbox One and PlayStation 4 games

– Both are capable of playing games in 4K/UltraHD resolution, though the new Xbox One has a slight advantage in its horsepower here.

– Both are capable of powering VR headsets with PlayStation Neo has its own and the Xbox One Scorpio’s being left with our thoughts for now. HTC, Oculus Rift maybe?

You’re probably thinking, “These sound a lot like my previous consoles” And you are right. These are the same consoles you may already own, but more powerful than ever. If you’ve got a new 4K/UltraHD TV and you’re looking to use it, these are the answer. For the rest of us, don’t worry about trading in your original PlayStation 4 or Xbox One just yet.

Both play the same games as their predecessors, the difference being in the new power that these newcomers bring up on the table.


The current Xbox One costs $279, and the slimmer Xbox One S costs $299. The current PlayStation 4 costs $349. These new consoles will cost at least as much as the current model, and likely more.Though because of the increased horsepower of the new xbox the inccrease in the price maybe more than its counterpart,but nothing has been talked about these things much.

Should we be upgrading our existing consoles? With more time and more information available to a decision can be taken firmly. We will be sure to get them to you. However, Xbox One Scorpio is the clear winner here. So are you excited about the new beasts in town? Make sure to let us know in your comments below.