Nokia digital health business analysis is getting strategic review as a part of Nokia Technologies, according to the recent announcement made by the company.

Announcement released by the company says that, “Nokia today announces that it has initiated a review of strategic options for its Digital Health business. The strategic review of the Digital Health business may or may not result in any transaction or other changes. Any further announcements about the Digital Health business will be made if and when appropriate.”



Business portfolio of Nokia digital health program involves enterprise and consumer products, while it also manufactures and markets the ecosystem for hybrid smart scales, watches and many more digital devices to the enterprise partners and consumers as well.

After purchasing a French company Withings for $190 million and entering in to the industry just two years ago, Nokia has declared that it is going to introduce a strategic review of the company’s digital health business. A brief blog post has shown that the company was looking for strategic options dedicated to health care, which may or may not impact on any of transactions or other changes.

A statement provided by the company says that, “Nokia has taken an entrepreneurial approach to running Nokia Technologies, exploring different ventures in new industries. We continue to believe in the promise of the digital health sector and the Nokia digital health product line. Products like SteelHR, BodyPlus and Nokia Sleep are receiving solid reviews. During this strategic review we are focusing our resources on delivering strong products to serve a market need and how we can meet connectivity needs of hospitals and enterprises.”